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DB6NT Kuhne electronic - microwave modules and components -

DL2AM Philipp Prinz - RF component and Power amplifier 1-10GHz -

ADB Elettronica - RF components and kits for V-U-SHF

432 and ABOVE EME neswletter by Allen K2UYH - EME activity reports and tecnical letter

N1BWT 10GHz EME Page - Info for dish, feed, etc.

DUBUS Magazine

DUBUS Archive

VHF Communications Magazine

U.S.A. microwave internet site

EU uW News

IW6ATU Microwave SSB and A.T.V. activity

I4CHY 10GHz TROPO and EME page

IW3HVB Microwave page Italian Microwave entusiast site

VHF entusiast

I4XCC Home Page - Tropo, MS, Es, EME ecc

I1JTQ Home Page - Ms and EME

IW9CER & IT9IPQ Home Page - MS operations

IW3RI Home Page - Italian contest manager

I0JXX Home Page - Antenne & accessori per VHF and up

IW4CB Home Page - V-U-SHF station

G0NFA Home Page - Europe on 144 Home Page

DD0VF Home Page - Tropo,Ms and EME

OZ1PIF Home Page - Danish 144 Home Page

M2, K6MYC - M2 enterprise antenna's Home Page

F9FT, Tonna. - Tonna Home Page

DK3XT Home Page - Meteor Scatter

F4AZF Home Page - VHF activity

G7RAU Home Page - VHF activity

DK3XT Home Page - Meteor Scatter and other

DK7ZB Home Page - Antennas project for VHF and UHF

VHF and UHF long yagi page by G3SEK

DL8EBW Home Page - VHF database


OH8K Home Page - V-UHF from Finland


E.M.E. entusiast

AC4OP, EME and Weaksignal.
AF9Y, Moonbounce and Astronomy combined with Spectrum Analysis
AH6LE, 2m EME.
AL7OB - Station Info and 9.2 Meter Dish Project.
CT1DMK, Technical data and Radio Astronomy.
DC6UW, 1296 MHz EME with a 6m solid Dish.
DF4PV, Guenter with extended 6m TVRO Dish and 600 W on 1296.
Rainer, DF6NA with 144 and 432 EME Pages.
DF9CY with 144, 432, 1296 and 10 GHz EME plans.
Moonbounce Club station, DK0MM. {German)
Udo, DK5YA with very fine EME and Weaksignal Info.
DL0SHF, 23 cm Moonbounce and Radio Astronomy on 1420 MHz.
10 Ghz EME with the DL0FF 10m Dish.
DL6LAU's website with 23 and 13cm EME.
Ramiro, EA1ABZ on 144 and getting ready for 432 MHz EME.
EA6ADW, EME on 432, 1296 and 2304 MHz, as well as Radio Astronomy.
EA6VQ, with EME Info and very fine Sound Recordings.
EA8/LA8LF with 23 cm antenna pictures and more.
EI4DQ, 2m EME.
EME System with Tracking Program by F1EHN.
David, F5SSD with pictures of French EME Stations.
G0BPU, 432 Mhz EME from the backyard.
G0RRJ, 432 EME and technical data.
G4RFR on 10 GHz EME
G4CCH, with a Dish Construction Project and 1296 MHz EME.
GM4JJJ, David with EME on 144 MHz, Astronomy and EME software.
HB9BBD, 1296 MHz audio clips and much more.
HB9DBM, weak signal in the Swiss Mountains.
HB9Q, 144 to 1296 MHz with a 15.2m Dish.
Andrea, IL5QLO with his new EME Page.
IK8LNE, 144 MHz EME with yagi data and more.
Giuliano, IN3KLQ with 4 * F9FT on 432 MHz.
JA1YWX on 2 meter.
JA4BLC on 10 GHz.
JA5OVU, the 70cm EME Gallery.
JA5NNS, 144 and 432 MHz Moonbounce.
JH5LUZ with sound and pictures.
KD1DU with 4 yagis on 144 MHz.
K2AH, Tom well equiped and prepared for 1296 MHz.
John, K3PGP, Moonbouce without FCC involvement, and very weak echo's.
KB3PD, a Yagi Array with Polarity Rotation for 144 and 432 MHz,
K6JEY, Moonbounce, astronomy and microwave.
K6QXY's Massive 6 Meter Array
KH6FOO, EME, Tropo Ducting and Weak Signal.
K7RAT with 6m EME and sound clibs.
K7XQ with a very fine collection of EME and Weak Signal data.
KJ7F on 144 MHz with antenna info and more.
LA0BY, EME from Norway.
LA8LF, Anders with information on his system.
LU6DW, a joined effort on 23 cm.
N1BUG's Page with Weaksinal Information.
N1BWT, Paul's New 10 GHz Page.
Hannes, OE5JFL -144 - 432 - 1296 MHz with Data.
OE5JFL with small antenne EME.
OE9ERC's EME Homepage.
OE9RWJ, 23cm EME per December 2000.
OH2AUE, EME and Radio Astronomy.
OM7AQ, with 2m and 70cm EME experiments.
ON4KNG, EME in Belgium.
OX2K DX EME expedition.
OZ9AAR with EME antenna content.
PA0EHG, EME and Microwaves.
PA0JMV on 2 meter with simple means.
PA3CSG, 144, 432, 1296 and 10000 MHz
PE1OGF, 2m EME and lots of weaksignal.
PA3EPD, EME from Holland.
PA9KT, 144 MHz EME.
PE1OGF with 2 * F9FT on 2 meter EME.
The SETI League with WA4NJP, Moonbouncer.
Jan, SSB!
Vlad, RX3QFM, 2m EME, Linux and more.
SM2CEW, 144, 432 and 1296 EME.
SM4IVE, Lars, 13.5m under computer control up North.
SM5BSZ, Leif's new Page with Weaksignal Solutions and Equipment.
SM5DCX, Lars on 144 MHz with EME from Northern EU, Sweden.
Kjell Jarj, SM7GVF on 2m EME.
Bjorn, SM7SJR, 144 MHz EME with 4 yagi's.
SM7UFW, technical data for 144 and 432 MHz EME.
VE1ALQ, Darrell's EME info.
Ted, VE3BQN on 144 and 1296 MHz.
VE3KDH on VE3ONT ( very fine photos ) and more.
W1FIG, with 4 * 9el M2 from Rhode Island.
Frank, W2UHI presents his 1296 MHz EME station and data on radio stars.
Frank, W2UHI on 1.296 and 10 GHz.
Neil, WA2WIM constructing and setting up on 1296 MHz.
W3SZ with 144 MHz EME experiences.
W5UN, Dave with the MBA for the Single Yagi Stations on 144 MHz.
W5ZN, on 432 MHz and 5 GHz
W6HD, 6 m Dish with 1000 Watts at the feed on 1296 MHz
Lance, W7GJ's Weaksignal and 2m EME page.
Chuck, W8MQW on 432 and 1296 MHz from the country side.
WQ0P, EME on more then one band.
ZL1GSG with info on his 10 GHz experiences.
Shukou, 7M2PDT with 16 K1FO yagis pol. rotation and 1.5 kW from Japan.
9A9B on 2 meter EME.
8J1RL, Syowa base, Antarctia.
Henry, 9H1CD with his EME Station Description

Ham Radio

A.R.R.L.(American Radio Relay Ligue)

R.S.G.B.(Radio Society of Great Britain)

425dx News

S5 Amateur Radio

IW3GSH Home Page

IW3GRW & IW3GRX Home Page

IZ4AKS Home page

IW0BET Home Page

IK4IDF Home Page

DC8GT Home Page




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